Get flat 20% off on our new story books from London UK

Get flat 30% off on our new story books from London UK


Young Angels

A Driving Force Behind Children Empowerment  

Young Angels is one of the leading publishers when it comes to delivering books for school children. Since from its inception, we have been delivering books that foster strong brain activity among children and promote reading habits. Keeping in mind the rapid growth of technology which has already given a digital aspect to reading, we formulate new ideas and strategies to encourage children to read more with eyes on books rather than sticking to attractive screens.
Depending on the interests and the requirement to build strong educational backdrop for young children, we have divided our books into different segments like educational, story books, book packs, activity, encyclopaedia, value books, fiction and novelty books.
The books are designed in a way to build and strengthen basic, academic, or trade skills among children from very early age. Irrespective of formal and informal education, these books are fabricated to develop a child into an all-round individual. To empower life skills among children, we deliver Empowering Life Skills(ELS) magazine which strengthens multiple intelligence through interactive activities and content.
Just to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys, we organise book fairs in schools in different regions.
Our objectives for holding book fairs at schools are as follows:
· To provide a platform of uncovering knowledge and stories for children. It is our commitment towards expanding their thinking at a larger level by involving them.
· To aware parents about their role in the early childhood development of their children.
· To secure holding dialogues and sharing ideas between authors and readers.

Why To Choose Young Angels

Young Angels gives a fun-filled educational roller coaster ride to empower children's life skills.
· With the help of book clubs, it aims to cultivate a culture of reading among students to build a positive behavior.
· Not only it edifies the childhood of children with frequent readings, it helps them establish a strong base of literacy.
· It caters to the needs of children of all ages and help parents to understand their role better in the child development.
· It offers a wide range of creative books in their book fairs, which are organized worldwide.

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