Best Christmas Gift For Young Readers

Reading books to our children is very important for their mental growth. Toddlers and pre-schoolers who are read to every day have many advantages and benefits. Not only does reading enhance a child’s vocabulary, and helps them understand how to read and write later in their life, but reading aloud to children also helps them to understand different topics about the world and everyday life. After all, reading with your children gives them the skills needed for when they start to read themselves. The importance of reading cannot be emphasized enough in young children and parents should try to make reading a priority for the young children. The more the children read, the more knowledge they absorb, and knowledge is important in all aspects of life. Parents can try to inculcate the habit of reading in young children by giving them the best of available books.

For this purpose, Young Angels brings to you an excellent series of books called My First Picture Book Series. It is a series of books designed to introduce the children to some basic concepts of day-to-day life that will come handy to them throughout their lives. These books have been designed after carrying extensive research to assess reading practices, interests and preferences among our young readers. These picture books are quite helpful for young readers and are very easy on their minds. It is important that children learn to follow words across the page from left to right, and turn pages which are pre-reading skills that benefit children and help them to become better readers later on. Children who enjoy reading do better in language and literacy subjects, as well as in all of the different subjects.

My First Start 123 and My First Start A B C are two such books in this series. There are many more books in this series. These are picture books that introduce young children to the basic concept of numbers and alphabets. Their layout and designing are quite simple keeping in mind the age group of young readers. They would definitely appeal to the young children. These books are sure to get the attention of the children in just one look. Reading through pictures stimulates the minds of young readers. Also, it helps the children to be creative in all spheres of their lives. Exposure to reading at an early age exercises the brains of the young readers. Further, reading enhances a child’s concentration.

This festive season buys the best of books for your children from Young Angels Online Bookstore and gives your children the best gift. This Christmas become the Santa for your children and gift them these books. Books are the best presents for children who are beginning to read and need some help along the way. These books are sure to enthral young readers and would be the best gift for them. These books are available at highly competitive prices. So order now and get the books at the best price at your doorstep.

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