Empowering Children To Be Happy

Happiness or the state of being happy is all about feelings and emotions and it has nothing to do with possessing things. It is about interacting with others and being happy in our lives with all that we have. The root cause of why we do things in our day-to-day lives, such as reading a book, playing with friends, eating the food we like and so on, is because these things make us happy. Being happy is basically the state of being in good mental and physical health. Happiness can be taught to the children just like other subjects are taught to the children either at home or in school. The children need to be empowered to be happy and free from any kind of stress. This can be done by reducing the exam stress, study stress or any other kind of stress they face in their lives.

Happiness is all about teaching good habits to the young children. The main aim is to teach good practices like mindfulness and gratitude to the children that will encourage the children to be resilient and, that in turn would help them to lead better lives. Our magazine works as a guide for the parents, teachers and children that is based on “making the children happier as human beings”. This would considerably and remarkably increase the students’ performance in all the spheres of life. If good lessons are taught that are interesting and fun, the kids would learn and make good progress throughout their life.

The magazines and books that we offer at Young Angels teach the children to be happy and content and be free of any kind of stress. Our magazines and books are full of engaging activities for the children which keep them hooked. The activity based content of our books relieves the children from the burden of studies and they enjoy studying these books. We offer books for classes pre-primary to VIII that are based on the happiness curriculum so that they turn out to be happier, more confident and have greater self-esteem. Our magazines also offer a progress index which helps in measuring the development of the children at regular intervals.

Teaching children to be satisfied and happy with their lives is very much needed in present times. Merely going to school to study and get good marks is not enough, children should also be taught to be self aware and responsible citizens of the country. The purpose of education is not only to educate the kids but its larger purpose is to teach the kids the necessary morals and values that would make them better citizens of the country. Our books are aimed at making learning fun and in teaching the kids that being happy is more important than their exam scores. Happy and content children will make a bright future for our country. The way we strive for economic equality for everyone, in the same way happiness equality is also a must for every one of us.

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