Young Angels: Your Child Is Emotionally Unstable

Keeping a positive perspective and creating a positive atmosphere around is quite a struggle for school-going children. From hauling in the morning to reaching home, children come back with a load of personal issues, work load and a competent behaviour to be the best among all. Where is happiness? Why are schools turning into a dungeon for children? How can we make them happy? Are they living in a virtual world? Are they scared of sharing and confessing their inner instincts? Well, these are some of the questions that are concealed under a table of ignorance.

Just to decipher this situation of unhappiness, Young Angels, a leading publisher, has been focusing on ‘Happiness Curriculum’, and fostering interpersonal and intrapersonal skills among school-going children. With a wide range of story books, activity books, encyclopedias, picture books, sticker books and life skills books, the ultimate objective is to help children build a positive environment around them. These books not only offer an interactive landscape of enjoyment, also, they focus the idea of value-based learning, creating cordial environment and developing skills.

Empowering Life Skills (ELS) is profoundly focussed on constructing logical intelligence, visual-spatial intelligence, holistic development and multiple-intelligence. Also, the ultimate purpose of this magazine is to shift the focus of children from digital world to reading books. Gone are the days when childhood was filled with moments spent outside the home, rather than glued to TV screens. A child’s imagination and playfulness together seem to be fading away. It seems like as the technology is pounding our intellect, a child’s life is scripted and entangled in the virtual world.

Coming across these challenges, we at Young Angels have broken down a list of activities that make a child happy. Addressing the emotional, physical, social, intellectual, relational and creative front of children, here are some points to have a happy life.

1.  Wake up early: Waking up early in the morning is a key to productivity and healthy body. 

2. Eating on time: Having meals full of healthy carbohydrates and protein is a must to stay energetic and motivated through-out a day.

3. Sound Sleep: From brainstorming to constantly writing assignments and playing, a sound sleep of minimum 7 to 8 hours is beneficial to heal the energy lost.

4. Hear your child: You may not know what your child has been building in his/her mind. Hearing them will help you get a clear view of their emotional side.

5. Love your child unconditionally: In the phase of adolescence, they live a life of trial and error all the time. So understanding them and loving them as the way they are will make them feel loved and happy.

With the ongoing unstructured schedules and pressure, we need to stand firm in all the stages of a child’s development.

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