Young Angels Brings Interactive Ideas Support ‘Happiness Curriculum’

No matter how nastily you have been squalled in the storms of your life, being happy is a choice and only few understand it. As much as we adults are being heaved into the daily chores of life, our younger ones who have not even crossed the adolescence are already facing mental stress. To chuck out this mental scum and to create a happy shield around the school-going children, Delhi Government has assigned some experts and government school teachers to fabricate a plan of ‘Happy Curriculum’. This plan will be based on activities rather than having a series of examinations.


Young Angels, a leading publisher, has been creating a strong positive environment for children by bringing a comprehensive set of story books, activity books, encyclopaedias, picture books, sticker books and life skills books. With full of imagination, interactive backdrop of colours and facts, these books deliver exactly what it takes to build a child’s future. In addition, grabbing an Empowering Life Skill (ELS) magazine will change a child’s perspective towards progressive reading.


The ELS is an adventurous ride of facts, knowledge and fun. Focussed on building cognitive ability, individual attitude, literary and scientific skills, and a strong knowledge base, it boosts individual personality of a child. In this way, they build decision making power and feel optimistic for accomplishing small things.


In addition, with the help of our book fairs and book clubs, we organise activities and workshops for children to form a strong relationship between parents, teachers and students. With this approach, it becomes easy to figure out the mental block that children are carrying and how to sort out things judiciously.


Unhappiness is a serious issue, especially in the phase of adolescence that is when children begin to aspire and undergo a major shift in terms of knowledge. Forming a life-long emotional well-being with parents, teachers, friends and others is a key to happiness.

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