Young Angels: With Less Psychological Control Comes Happiness

With children sticking to the clouds of sorrow and depressive behaviours, it seems like their pattern of childhood is being altered every day.  Children’s behaviour exhibits a picture of how they have been raised by their parents. It looks like the flow of happiness among school-going children is being hindered by emotional disorders like depression.


Witnessing the ongoing emotional struggle of children, Young Angels has stepped forward in the support of Delhi government’s mission of ‘Happiness Curriculum’. The mission promises to maintain equilibrium between school workload and personal life of children. Before we set a precise yardstick to measure happiness and bring it in fruition, let’s have a look on the psychological side of this cause. 


Assessing the ever changing pattern of children’s temperament, Young Angels offers a wide range of story booksactivity books, encyclopaedias, picture bookssticker books and life skills books. These books are designed to anchor their mind with a series of creative ideas to keep them engaged and happy. Moreover, they help them fight with the psychological control which is taking a hold of their mind every now and then.


According to a study published by the University of Edinburgh, it was reported that children who have parents less psychologically controlling were happier than the ones with controlling parents.


Children’s low well-being is quite related to how they have been raised by their parents. And stumbling upon this cause, we believe that psychological control restrict the behaviour of a child to make decisions. These restrictions make a child feel that they are not being loved. On the flip side, it should not be understood with controlling behaviour, which is also something being faced by school-going children.


Is your child engulfed in the walls of isolation? Here are a few things to have a happy relationship with your child:


Don’t expect them to be perfect, rather respect their efforts.

  1. Before you child, become a happy parent first.
  2. Let them handle the daily chores of life.
  3. Encourage the habit of reading and Writing
  4. Discuss their problems on their level

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