Reasons Why Your Child Is Not Enjoying School

Are you witnessing temperamental differences in your child? Ever thought how healthy is your child’s emotional well-being? Is your child being suppressed under the weight of educational pressure? Well, it seems like it is the time to review your child’s schedule. Regardless of how much you as a parent feed them to be a better individual, children are more engulfed in the vibes of unhappiness.


Just like we adults face, children are not always surrounded with happy vibes and people. Whether it is about assignments, insufficient support from teaching staff and clashes with friends, it has become difficult to track whether your child is happy or not. So, keeping these points in mind, Young Angels has stepped forward to support the implementation of ‘Happy Curriculum’ program by the Delhi government. It is purely based on activities and does not include any exam.


We at Young Angels not only deliver a wide array of story booksactivity books, encyclopaedias, picture bookssticker books and life skills books, we also analyze the educational system to bring out new ideas and changes to empower children, emotionally and academically. One of the most influential magazines, Empowering Life Skill enhances progressive reading, multiple intelligence and other intellectual skills. So, in this blog, we have broken down a few points that show that your child is emotionally unhappy and is not having a good time.   


Here are a few things why your child is not interested in going to school:


  1. One of the excuses that we come across is that when your child denies going to school and suddenly suffers from stomach ache. Well, this is the time to hit the spot with open-ended questions and discuss his/her day.
  2. The time when your child is not interested in doing assignments and keeps deferring it again and again. Rather than scolding him/her it is better to find a solution or talk to their teacher.
  3. When your child is getting low score. This is one of the most crucial points which need to be figured out. It is better to track the way your child is studying.


And that is why we at Young Angels have designed books in such a way that can keep your child interested in reading and studying more.  Children are the best hope for the future, and it is the time to build a better one.

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