Young Angels: Education is the Strongest Superpower in the World

It is being said that if you are willing to learn you can be unstoppable. Education is the ornament, without which the economic, political and cultural being of a nation is futile. It is the most fundamental need of an individual which is categorised into three groups: primary education, secondary education and higher-secondary education. In this competitive world, it is highly necessary to have good education in order to accomplish the best in this world. Since things are moving around at a really high pace with the technology, one has to be updated with the time.


Talking about education among school-going children, this phase decides a child’s direction in his/her life as an individual to some extent. Completing primary education is a must in order to succeed in life, which is followed by secondary education and higher secondary education. So what is the purpose of education for school-going children who are still exploring their world in a shell? To build with passion and lead with passion!


Young Angels, a leading publisher of , activity books, encyclopaedias, picture books, sticker books and life skills books, has made primary education more interesting. Among the extensive range of books, Empowering Life Skills is one such a fun-filled magazine that challenges the intellect of school-going children. It tickles the gray matter of an individual to learn more and think more. It focuses on building multiple-intelligence, naturalist intelligence, logical intelligence and other skills. Moreover, we at Young Angels encourage all the schools in the world to implement ‘Happy Curriculum’ program, which, with the help of education can eliminate stress and depression among school-going children. Education is not all about exams and getting marks, but to inform young ones about the world through activities and practicality.


We humans are social animals and education separates us from other creatures in this world. With the multifarious outcomes, education not only upgrades our mind but helps us build a strong democratic system on national and international level. As a child grows, he/she witnesses an educational shift which challenges them to learn more about other aspects in the society like adult education, cultural education and women’s education.


Education links every single individual to all over the world. Once Mahatma Gandhi said:


"Literacy in itself is no education. Literacy is not the end of education or even the beginning. By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-body, mind and spirit."

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