Yoga helps achieve ultimate nirvana in our life

Yoga is a spiritual activity which rejuvenates our soul and body. It has become a prominent part of our well being, emotionally and physically. Allowing the essence of yoga helps attain spiritual equilibrium in our lives. To remind how Yoga helps us enlighten our life, kudos to Indian “Prime Minister Narendra Modi” for uniting people around the world to celebrate International Yoga Day on 21st June every year, to promote a healthy being.


Ever pondered how Yoga helps us get rid of our problems? Well, let’s get to the core of this question and dig out what it actually means. Attaining a high standard of living is what we dream off. Our life revolves around worrying about our future, hauling with the technology, attaining an everlasting financial regularity, trying to be an alpha individual, obsessing with success, living a life of high standards and be the superhero of the people we love.


There is so much to achieve right?

Before we are filled up to the brim with our desires and to achieve whatever we want in our life, we need to attain spiritual discipline on the physical and emotional level. And that’s when Yoga comes into play.


Yoga is comprised of distinct postures and breathing exercises that not only satisfies our body mentally but also helps attain a desirable physical state. Asanas or Yoga postures make our body physically active, whereas breathing exercises like ‘pranayaam’ and meditation help us reach a strong emotional well being in our life. These activities enhance personal power, self-healing, self-awareness, focus, concentration, strength, flexibility, confidence, and strong nervous system. Well, the list goes on.


“In a world suffering from mental stress, yoga promises calm. In a distracted world, yoga creates focus, creates concentration. In a world of fear, yoga promises strength and courage. A healthy body and a disciplined mind are the foundations of a world free from fear. In crafting a new self through Yoga, we create a new world. “ - Narendra Modi

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