NCERT Sends Guidelines on Cyber Security To Guard The Privacy of Preschoolers

The National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) has issued guidelines on cyber security to schools, teachers and parents, to protect the privacy of preschoolers and to track their internet usage. Keeping a track of people who are accessing computers, using USBs, and other storage devices, unknown icons on desktops are some of the guidelines that the organization has come up with.

“Students should not log in as someone else to read their e-mails or mess with their online profiles; attempt to infect or in any way try to make someone else’s computer unusable and not download any attachments from an unknown source as they may contain viruses,” the instruction manual said according to a report filed by The Indian Express.

They way children are getting addicted to social media and internet, the guidelines also encourage schools to teach children not to communicate with unknown people online and avoid susceptive profiles which could harass children through emails and messaging. Besides the guidelines, NCERT has urged schools to introduce educational activities and courses on cyber security.  The guidelines also follow that schools and teachers should teach children the judicious use of internet and technology.

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