Exposure to TV Screens Causes ‘Heart Diseases In Children’

There have been several reports on how television screens are detrimental to your child’s health and how they have grabbed their minds. Well, there is yet one more reason to minimise the exposure of children towards screens. The American Heart Association (AHA) has revealed that continuous exposure to screens is harmful for your child’s heart. Yes, you heard it. It causes heart problems at early ages.


Dr. Stephen Daniels, a spokesman for the American Heart Association, said that exposure to television screens for longer times induce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Moreover, when they get habitual of the routine it continues to the childhood also.


Experts at AHA reviewed the statistics of past 20 years and came to a conclusion about the co-relation of cardiovascular disease and self-reported screen time.

“Heart health starts during childhood, so I think it’s very appropriate that the American Heart Association looks at every issue that can contribute to heart disease,” said Dr. David Hill, chairman of the Council on Communication and Media for the American Academy of Pediatrics, in a report filed by Fox6Now.



“Passive viewing is still children’s number one activity. Whether it’s a video game, or laptop or desktop computer, children are still sitting,” he added.


The report also revealed that screen time also disrupts your biological cycle of sleeping and can make you feel sick. Moreover, with commercials and advertisement promoting unhealthy processed, it creates a bad impact on children watching TV. Also, other devices like tablets, mobile phones, and computers have superseded the television.


Going through the reports of AHA, Young Angels, a leading children book publisher believes that parents and teachers should encourage children to read more books rather than letting them watch television for hours. This habit is a slow poison to your child.

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