Inculcating a habit of reading in children

Albert Einstein once said,“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

The early age of a child are the formative years for the development of physical, intellectual, and socio-emotional skills. Experts say that a child who starts reading early has a better vocabulary, interpersonal skills, and a superior grasp over written and verbal communication.
The age between 0-5 is the best time to inculcate reading habit into children. Books fuel a child’s imagination like none other things. This leads to an active brain and more creativity. Children who read have more chances to have more focused attention, understanding, and better memory.
The best way to inculcate reading habits in children is to read alongside them every day. This motivates the child to read, as he /she is able to share the stories and the joy they bring about with their parents.
Children of all age groups can appreciate fiction books. Even a toddler who is not able to identify alphabets and numbers can still love the storybooks if that is read out to him/her.

However, every child has a different learning curve. While some children may have a natural love of reading, others may just not want to read any books. There are several ways in which parents and teachers can encourage children to love reading.

Here are some simple ways to inspire a child to read:

1 If a child does not like reading , it is important to understand why he/she does not like

2 Make reading an enjoyable activity.

3 There are a variety of books tailored to different age groups of children . Select carefully those books that suit his choice .

4 Let the child choose his books along with you. You can buy fiction books for children online or visit a nearby book store with your child to create curiosity and develop liking towards various genres and styles of books.

5 If you are reading to your children try a lot of voice modulation to maintain interest in the story. If your child is an unwilling reader play characters from story books and create a lot of drama while reading books to him.

6 Expose children to books from diverse genres. Reading does not have to be restricted to moral stories or fairy tales. Children may also enjoy reading encyclopaedia, newspapers or even comic books.

7 Setting up a reading room or home library in your house may also encourage children to read more often.

8 Take time to read to children everyday. Fix a reading time as a part of child's everyday routine. Make them learn new words, ask questions about the story and discover the wonder of language with every new book they read.

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