Encyclopedia: A ready Reckoner for young readers

One might think that in this age of the internet, a child can know and understand anything by simply going to Google. This is so because it is considered that the digital environment allows for a process that is more accommodating for the creation and promulgation of knowledge. Nevertheless, encyclopedias still hold their own value in today’s time, especially for children. They are the ready and steady source of information. A child learns to research and delves deep into the areas of his interest. It helps in the journeying of information for the child. He learns to examine, explore and find out more and more about a subject.

Encyclopedias come into the category of educational books where the information is designed and indexed in such a manner that a child can easily learn to sift through them and gain knowledge about various domains. However, children’s Encyclopedia is not competing with Wikipedia as such. It is small; it is different and can apportion resources for only some subjects. However what distinguishes it from Wiki is that it has a personal touch, backed by rigorous research by experts ensuring that what the kids read is well-written and factually correct.

Not just good reading content, Encyclopedia also has elucidations and explanations to help children learn science, mathematics or language skills. Besides this they also allow them to be more agile and curious. In addition to all of these this, they cater to the needs of teachers for teaching and designing of co-curricular activities for students in the class.

There are many publishers who are into Encyclopedia and one can buy encyclopedia for children online but one that is highly recommended for kids is that by Miles Kelly Publishers. They specialize in Factbooks for kids and a host of categories that aims to discover the whole world with a huge range of books.

The content of the Encyclopedias is designed by curriculum experts and is brilliantly written and liberally illustrated. It is multidimensional in approach and treats out different ways to create interest and expand the knowledge of children. The articles are restructured and simplified not just to help children learn about various things around them but also facilitate their cognitive, emotional and social development. As children learn utmost during their early years, the gift of Encyclopedia can be both a definite delight and an everlasting asset for them.

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