Echo –friendly Holi

Echo –friendly Holi

Holi is around the corner to spread love and warmth to all.  This festival is celebrated by all as it cuts across all barriers of religion, caste class and creed. The colour of Holi makes enemies as friends and everyone rejoices as one group. Since ancient times, this festival finds mention in numerous scriptures, like the Narad Purana and Bhavishyad Purana. The 7th century Sanskrit drama Ratnavali, ascribed to Indian emperor Harsha also talks about "holikotsav”.

However like everything Holi has also changed. It has become callously money-making, and rowdy. Earlier the colours used in Holi were made at home either by, herbs, sandalwood powder, dried fruits, flowers etc Most of these colours beneficial to the skin as they were plant-based. However these days artificial colours have come into use. They are brighter and many times harmful.

Therefore to make Holi beautiful and in sync with nature, it is better to return to more natural ways of celebrating Holi. If we truly want to shower love and affection on friends and family we should go for an eco-friendly Holi. Here are some good ways to play Holi:

  • Apply coconut oil on whole body and hair before playing with colours.
  • Always use herbal colours, made by flower leaves.
  • Burn environmental waste for Holika Dahan or Holi Bonfire.
  • Avoid Pakka Colors’ instead use ‘Gulaal’.
  • Throwing watercolour filled balloons is a bad idea as it can be dangerous –just don’t do it.
  • Try to avoid the usage of Grease colours or chemical additions to colours.
  • Avoid wastage of water –go dry or play with flower petals.
  • Do not put colour on anyone without their permission.

Play safe Holi by not being impolite to anyone.

Wishing you a very happy and safe Holi.

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