Plan a terrific summer vacation for your children

Summer vacations are around the corner. You have planned a trip to some scenic place yet you find that most of the days are unused. As a parent, you are worried that your children would spend hours watching television or playing video games. You are at a loss of ideas to engage them. So what should be done?

With a little initiative, creativity and planning, the summer breaks can be transformed into a time to explore new hobbies, learn about tasks and responsibilities and build on skills and cultivate one's personality. Today we are going to share some ideas that you can bring into play to enhance the joy of summer breaks.

With approaching summer vacations, here are some activities to make the summer vacations interesting and fun for your children:

Let your child explore:

Bring in the natural world into the life of your child. Make him go to the park in the morning, look at the sun and feel the air. Ask them to discover insects, butterflies, a variety of flowers, leaves, birds and make a note of what he observes. You can ask him to carry magnifiers and a notebook.

You can also ask them to plant flower or vegetables. Coriander, potato, peas and money plant grow quickly. Let your child discover the marvels of growth and development.

Discover your city

You can visit museums, forts and other monuments in your town or city with your child. If you feel that your town does not have any old monuments, you can visit old markets, places of worship or any major landmark, of your town. This would make your child be connected with his place of residence and the people around him.

 Make such trips a fun outing with bus rides, queues, and dhaba meals out. Make the trip interesting as you solve riddles, uncover questions about the locality and take photos along the way.

The comfort of books

Reading is an essential part in a child's education. It helps children develop academically, socially, and sensitively. Make your child read lot of books this summer. You can either read aloud with him or make him exposed to new ideas and concepts. A child can join book clubs to initiate a better understanding of various points of view that can nurture his skills of discussion.

With the help of books kids can be taught any subject of the world besides decreasing his screen time in the best possible way.

Journal Writing

Journaling can be a helpful activity for children. It gives them a place to keep everyday documentation of their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This encourages children to express themselves better and develop well-thought-out ideas to write about.


Provide your children with a good diary and stationery set and help them out in journaling. Encourage them to write point in time and other fun writing exercises.

The idea of journal writing makes him understand the concept of noting down important stuff, be more organized in work- facets that can help him later on in his life.


Writing is a channel for our innermost thoughts and emotions and journaling can make him understand his feelings better. Children who write journal grow more comfortable with expressing their thoughts and views and are more positive in their own identities.

Learning is at all times

Learning does not simply happen in schools and is not a duty of schoolteachers. A child should understand that learning can take place anywhere and can go all the time as an enjoyable activity. The summer is a great free time to try out new things and explore interests that don’t necessarily fit into the curriculum. Incorporating the above points can surely make a productive vacation for your child. Try out and share your views.

Best Wishes for a great time.


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