100 Facts Exploring Space


Launch deep into space and take a close-up look at other worlds in the Solar-system. The wonders of space exploration are portrayed in details through one hundred facts, fantastic images and fun cartoons. Learn about robot rovers that explore other planets, discover why some probes smash into comets and find out which spacecraft is on its way to the dwarf planet Pluto.
Which spacecraft collected particles of comet dust?

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Author Miles Kelly
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ISBN 9781848104730
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100 Facts Extreme Earth


Climb the highest mountains, explore cavernous caves and dive down to the ocean depths! The spectacular natural features of our planet are explored in detail though one hundred facts, fantastic images and fun cartoons. Take a look at the world's longest rivers, survey the driest deserts and discover the devastating effects of tsunamis, volcanoes and wild weather.
What was the biggest volcanic eruption ever recorded?

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